Our spa facilities include an indoor bath house, an outdoor hot spring and a cure-house which equips with a 20m swimming pool and 10 spa stations. Guests can rejuvenate in our spa facilities with a chance to encounter some life size T-Rex, Brachiosaurus, Velociraptor and other interesting dinosaurs!

Well-being promotion in the cure house

Rinsing Station (cool and warm water), Turkish bath, Air Bubble Bath, Full and Half Body Bath, Pressurized Bath and Sauna can be found in our cure-house. Just wear your favorite swimsuit and enjoy these facilities which are all operated with real Hot Spring Water.

Mild Alkali Hot Spring for skin care

The water used in the indoor bath house and outdoor hot spring are directly from the source of the hot spring. Pipes are connected directly from the Omaru Onsen in the nearby Mt. Nasu to our baths. This spring was famous for its effect on skin care. Just relax and let your skin refresh in our bath.





Family Friendly Pool

Our indoor heated swimming pool located in the middle of the cure-house with 20m long. The depth is 1.1m so that everyone can enjoy swimming in our pool safely. There is also a kids pool with a depth of 0.7m, families can enjoy a fun time in our pools


Climbing out from the pool, you may be surprised by a stare from a dinosaur…

You may found popular dinosaurs like T-Rex having a walk outside of the cure-house.