Guests will be welcomed by a 6m gigantic Triceratops with its roaring and body shaking. Why there are dinosaurs in Blancvert Nasu? It's a secret…

Enjoying your meal with a 270°view of the forest

From the full size glass panels installed in our restaurant, guests can appreciate the beauty of the four seasons of Nasu Forest. It's surely a brand new experience for our guest. We guarantee that it is going to make your dining experience 2 times or 3 times more wonderful.

Blancvert Nasu has 57 guest rooms.

Blancvert Nasu is surrounded by the Nasu forest. All of our 57 guest rooms can enjoy the beauty of the nature around the year. From the new buds in Spring, the greens in Summer, to the Autumn red leaves and white snow in Winter, guest are welcomed to make the best out of the colorful nature.

Training in a refreshing atmosphere

From business development seminar to Induction training for new employees, Blancvert Nasu can fit your needs with the nature of Nasu. With the quiet natural surroundings, you may be surprised by the outputs and new ideas that you may get from Blancvert Nasu.

Table tennis court is located in the open area in the conference room. If you wish to have a fun time with your friends, just come to the front desk and ask our staff!

Blancvert Nasu also values our younger guests. In our specially designed Kids’ Room, we have a mini jungle gym with slides, a mini house and other fun elements for our younger guests to get excited. Opening hours: 7am-10pm

【カラオケ】 1人から30人まで一緒に楽しめる大きなカラオケルーム! ご希望の方はご予約時またはフロントまでお申し付けください。 ※予約必須 2200円(税込)/1時間