Guest Rooms


Our standard room is a 10 tatami big Japanese style room with individual washroom. Japanese style room is the best for you to relax and stretch out your body. Guests may also enjoy the beauty of the nature from the window. There are totally 30 standard Japanese rooms.

A wake-up call from the nature by the beauty of the morning Sun

In every morning, guests are leaving their bed with a natural wake-up call by the Sun and the songs of birds. From the window of the western style room, guests will never miss the beauty of the forest. There are totally 8 western style rooms, all equipped with individual washrooms (some western style rooms are also equipped with individual bathrooms).

Special Japanese suite for big families

The two and only Special Japanese suite in Blancvert Nasu is perfect for big families or a big group of friends. A 12 tatami big room is connected with a 6 tatami big room in the suite, in the winter, Japanese traditional table style heater "Kotatsu" can be provided upon request. Special rates are applied for the suites.

Barrier-free western style rooms are also available.

There are 2 Barrier-free western style rooms in Blancvert Nasu which wheelchairs can move around freely. Guests with reduced mobility are welcome to reserve these rooms. Blancvert Nasu is making sure that everyone can enjoy in our hotel by creating a barrier-free environment. From the lobby to other areas in our building, wheelchairs can be accessed freely.

炬燵から雪景色を楽しむ (特別和室)

檜風呂で湯ったり・・・ (特別和室)