The snow begins to fall!

The peak mountain of Mt. Nasu,Mt. Chausu,which is the height of 1915 metres,an active volcano. that is known by one of the hundreds famous moutain in japan. It can be easily climbed that has the ropeway and the climbing road. However,from November to May next year, it can hardly to climb without equipment and experiment. At the end of November ,the snow begins to fall, one of the symbols that the winter comes. Our hotel is in the height of 800 metres,now have no snow.Anyway in December , when the temperature gets colder and colder,it still be safe for the use of snow tyre and chain. If you still be nervous about the snow, you can come here in Shinkansen or the bus in highways. That's so beautiful when the Mt. Nasu is covered with snow,the scenery should be seen by everyone. We are waiting for your coming.! The details of the road can call this number 0287-74-5588 to know.