Miss Nasu Contest will be final day at soon!

Miss Nasu Contest which is cosponsored by Nasutabi and executive committee,entered for a contest in October,2017. After the closing day until the end of December,20 participants entered,and so on 10 finalists had been chosen, and on Mar. 10th(Saturday),2 Miss Nasu will be decided in the final selection. ・ 10 finalists,and the detail information of Miss Nasu Contest can be known from here. What's more,on Mar. 10th,this day can be accepted the vote from the visitors,please come here to watch the contest on that day. ・  <Venue> Hotel Blancvert Nasu The Meeting Room  <Schedule>  13:30 The Opening    14:00 The Entrance of The Finalists     14:25 The PR Time to The Finalists(1 Person 5 Min)  15:40 The Pleasure Time  16:00 The Announcement of The Results・The Award Ceremony